Saturday, January 15, 2011

On your marks,

I think it was last Wednesday since I last rode. Knee is not behaving. I wanted to try to get it to simmer down so I can race, I mean ride with the pack tomorrow in Triple D. This coming Wednesday I see the ortho doc and try some knee grease.
Lance the  race director/racer wanted me to ride with him last night and check out the proposed route. With hopes of being able to ride Sunday, I stayed off the bike and opted out for the preride.
I have been taking things on and off the FatBackBike so, I knew to be wise I needed to ride around a bit today make sure all parts are working and adjusted right. So in my blue jeans I rode through neighbors' yards, up to my dads, and around the neighborhoods. Neighbors must think this is all crazy I suspect. Bike is running well but weighs around 44 lbs with gear, a butt breaker on hills.

Tonight is some PreTripleD things going on. Beer, pizza, swap meet, slide show down at the Hotel, Birgit and I are headed down there next to meet and greet all those that ride the snow.



Joboo said...

Good luck on your ride ;) in the a.m. Sir!!
Here's hoping the knee holds!!
Looking forward to the report either way!!


Bill G said...

Have a great race Dave!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Don't break your butt.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Take care of that knee, bro. You need those to be able to ride.

tainterturtles said...

Ditto on what Harry Legge's said. You need to take care of that knee so you can extreme ride this summer.

Hope you and Birgit had fun at the hotel shindig!

mrbill said...

Good luck Dave, ditto, take it easy on the knee, take a shortcut!

Dan O said...

Good luck dude - easy on the knee...