Wednesday, January 12, 2011


After a busy day at work, and a visit to my dentist I decided a bike ride would be a treat. A night ride.

Heritage trail, the Triple D race route is a great ride now, some fresh snow recently smoothed out the bumps, covered the ice, and rides well. I want to plan a ride soon where I night ride late into the night and cover some mileage. 
Night riding on snow mobile trails in the country gives a whole different perspective. Sounds seem amplified, snow crunching, owls hooting, coyotes yapping, and Gnomes out and about. Hmmm I think a couple cans of beer and my flask filled with brandy might make travel even  more pleasing.

My indoor bicycle rollers waited all year for some attention this winter, and I haven't visited with them yet this winter. This picture is last winter before the "fat" arrived.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I thought there were scary things out in the dark!

Clive Chapman said...

Nothing as scary as our Davey! ;-)

mrbill said...

Brandy and Beer, I can see it now, DaveyGie busted, BWI, biking while intoxicated

Bill G said...

I was dreaming of a fatty this morning as I pushed my 2.35 inflated to 25 psi so I don't destroy my tubes single speed mountain bike through lose snow!!!!!!!!

Now the snow is getting good!

tainterturtles said...

I have yet to see gnomes out on the trail while riding, but hey, I might see them if I bring along some beer and brandy!!!!

Dan O said...

The less time riding indoors the better. I spent another hour on the trainer last night. Joy.