Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

Been biking and lifting some after work the last couple of days. Tomorrow I am off work. Sooooo.
What that means is this, I wannnna ride my bicycle. I hope to spend 7-8 hours tomorrow riding on gravel, trails, ruts, and mud. Why?? do I this. Let me quote from Buckshot's Blog.

"I NEED to bike, I want to bike. And getting out on my bike makes me want to get out on my bike even more. It's a self perpetuating cycle (haha) so to speak.I think it's starting to become more clear to me. If I want peace of mind, sanity, focus, and clarity, I need that time on the saddle. Now I just need to figure out better ways to work my biking into life and vice versa."

Well said Mr Buckshot.


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