Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bicycling Day

Dirty Century #8 for the year.
I got behind this road grader for awhile. I ended up taking a path through a field. 30 minutes later I ran into him again.

This was strange, just before I got to this downed tree, a man stopped me. He had his young son hooked to his bicycle with a "third wheel" He said somebody just tried to drop this tree on him. It fell right in front of him, and somebody ran into the woods. He was in the process of phoning the cops.

I lost my cycling computer carrying my bike through this mess. I couldn't find it after looking for awhile. Next one I am going to tape secure. I have popped it off before in the brush but was always able to find.

These are the jumps my son dislocated his shoulder on last week riding motorcross bikes. Last year he broke a bone in his foot. I think he should go bicycle. Don't you?

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