Friday, April 3, 2009

Dirty Century #3

Great day for a ride. Trail was in good shape, a lot faster ride then last Monday with snow, and muddy conditions. Notice the two geese. Wind is either the enemy, or friend to a bike rider. Seldom is the wind neutral or indifferent to a biker. The wind came at my back at the right time today, the last 3rd of my ride, and became my friend, I needed the boost.

In the back ground is Sundown Ski with snow not wanting to give into spring yet. Spring will win, snow will go.

I so enjoy watching the seasons change out here. Soon this will be a tunnel of green.

This is one of the bridges on Heritage Trail destroyed from last year's spring flood. There is federal money, 2.7 Million for repairs. However FEMA and or our government just seem to drag things out. First there was a hold up for review of Historical consideration for any replacement of bridges. Now there is archaeological digs that have to examine the soil spoonful by spoonful. GOOD GRIEF!!!

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