Saturday, April 11, 2009

100K on the dirt

I am so busted. Yeap, I was doping, stopped in Dyersville and picked up a quart of water and a 5 hour energy drink.

This cow and calf was very eerie. I don't know what happened. But as you can see mother cow with head trauma is laying dead on top of her mutilated calf on the side of the road. Strange. I think it was the work of a chupachara.

Rode hard today. A faster, much younger, in better shape rider passed me on the trail. So I pushed to keep him in sight, which gave me a good work out. I was riding a Trek XO2 and he had a Trek XO1. He went through the creek at the two downed bridges and I took the gravel road which let me pass him again. He passed me again and I lost him close to the end of the ride. So who ever you were, thanks dude for the good work out.

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