Monday, May 30, 2011

My goose is cooked

YIKES!!!  Got Zzapped riding today. Was about 90 and humid. Usually I have tolerated much better then I did today. Perhaps, just maybe it's due to I am older, fatter, and uglier each passing year. At about mile 20 on a gravel road, riding my Trek XO2 Cycle Cross, my fluids were gone. 82 ounces. 10 more riding miles, I came to a small town park water fountain. I drank 24 oz, and filled my 24 oz water bottle full. I didn't know just how much I could trust this water, and needed to drink about a gallon before I would be back home. So I found a vending machine and paid to fill up the rest of my bottles.
My stomach was full of fluids but yet my mouth was dry, I wasn't processing fluids as fast as my body was evaporating them to stay cool.
Then signs of heat stress hit. With out the detail I found a bush to hide behind, I don't know why, I was somewhere in nowhere,  and I couldn't hold on anymore, and was glad I  packed some wet ones along for the trip. I would have two more stops at outdoor small town park out houses.
Feeling dizzy, no cell phone service, I started heading home. Sprinkling water on me and down my spine to help cool off. The wind picked up and the added evaporation had me feeling better. I had some concern about going down in this heat. I kept a close watch on my thoughts, was feeling a little whacky and my eyes played tricks on me.
 I thought about getting in the creek for more cool down, but felt good enough to just keep going and get home.

Lessons learned riding in the heat:
Don't go sleeveless when it's hot and sunny to much skin to absorb heat.
Pack something like V8 to keep the salt and mineral content up.
Don't just apply sun screen, bring some along.
Pace yourself, I rode too hard the first half, and bonked the 2nd half of this metric dirt century 62 miler.
I think with some more warm rides I'll adjust better.

I came home and grilled chicken breasts and burgers all with cheese, and baked potatoes. My 24 year old son Josh came over conveniently just as everything was done. I saw it with my own eyes. Josh ate two cheeseburgers, and two chicken breast sandwiches, a potato and a bowl of Frosted Flakes to top it all off. I don't think that kid ate all week end. So now he is in a coma on my couch snoring. The guy doesn't have an ounce of fat on him, I get fatter just watching him eat.

Keep on riding


Joboo said...

That happens to me once the heat kicks in up here. Don't really have to worry about it til mid July usually. Lol
One good thing, we have plenty of old mine pits to take a dip in.
Once it hit me so hard I dove in clothes and all, and just sat for over two hours in the cold clear water. I was good to go after that.


mrbill said...

I was afraid that heat you were telling me about might be a bit rough on you boys up North. Don't play with the heat!
Man, that son of yours sure does sleep alot, and where's Pitty, I thought they were a couple?

Melissa in MN said...

These posts scare me, hopefully dehydration isn't your new weight loss plan! I got dizzy and a little delirious during the marathon, but that was totally my fault! It was only 70F, but when you do all of your long training runs at 35F you end up with more than a slight disadvantage! Lessons learned, I guess.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Glad you made it through OK. Sounds a little scary.
Son looks comfortable. Wish I could sleep that easily.

tainterturtles said...

Pace yourself in the heat Dave. We too had a hot day for the first time, and riding in the 80's zapped me.

Glad you made it through the ride ok.

Bill G said...

Time to aclimate again. First we aclimate to freezing cold and now it is heat and humidity!

Be careful out there!

Craig said...

I'm right there with ya. I wanted a gravel metric yesterday and ended up with just under 40. Wasn't feeling great from the start, and ended up getting destroyed by the heat.

Dan O said...

Ouch - tough ride. Heat will do you in.

Here in the Seattle area, we've been experiencing a freaky cold spring. We're lucky to hit 60 degrees - been in the 40s and 50s. On/off rain as well. For weeks now.

No complaints from me though. I grew up on the east coast, don't miss the heat and humidity at all.

My 11 year old son can pack away some food also. He weighs nothing and body fat is about zero...

dawn marie giegerich said...

That's a scary picture. My morning power walk was very uncomfortable. We'll become accustomed . . . I'm heading for the pool.

Steph said...

I got heat exhaustion on Ragbrai last year, and since then, I pay way more attention to my body and how it's responding to heat. It gets scary sometimes!
Glad you were able to hydrate enough to get home:)

Matt Maxwell said...

Been there done that. Always carry TP/wet wipes.