Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dancing Man,

Just enough time to get home from work, lift weights, shower and get out to the door to go listen to the music. I've always loved music people, people who spend their whole life immersed in playing music and performing, to perfection. For them it is for the love of music and not the money. So I get to enjoy, all their hard work, and let the music take me places. Tonight was the first outdoor music to start the summer season. Something we do, my lady and I is watch people, and the outdoor music arena is the place to this. Tonight we
saw the "dancing man' this guy danced by himself song after song, as if in some other world, go man go, I love the free spirit.

Got home and my son Caleb was leaving, to a party, on the bicycle, well wise choice young man, riding a bike, cause a DUI he knows all about and the 'goods' are in the bag.

Tomorrow is rain, rain, and rain, I am hoping to ride, ride, and ride anyways. A gravel century is the goal. Not bicycling because it is raining just doesn't work. Would be too many days missed if that be the case.

Melissa my wonderful daughter runs her first marathon tomorrow in Fargo ND. The girl is amazing. When she puts her mind to something, consider it done. She has mastered flute, piano, motherhood, marriage, 4.0 student, National Merit scholar, Chemical engineering degree, and about a year ago has decided to take up running. Well after a well plotted training schedule including 20 mile training runs she is ready. Thunder storms might make this race a killa. Run Melissa, run.

Yikes, I stayed up past my beauty rest time, Lord knows I need it. :-)


Dan O said...

Great post. I too am a music fan and totally appreciate what musicians can do. I have to admit to being slightly envious as well. I'd love to have that talent.

Your daughter sounds fantastic. Good luck to her in the marathon.

Clive Chapman said...

Same as me, I love music dearly, I listen to it rather than watch TV.

But the sad thing is, that as much as I've tried, I have failed consistently to master a musical instrument. I haven't got the music gene clearly.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Here's to another summer following Denny Garcia around. He was at market this morning and will be at Catfish Festival next weekend and I don't have to work.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Rock and Roll!