Saturday, November 28, 2009


I see dead people.
Too funny, was riding down this hill and saw a older Catholic Nun walking up the hill. She held out her arm for me to stop. I figured she was going to kick me out, I was riding on private property owned by the nuns. She just wanted to tell me she was joy riding and her car was stuck in the mud. I asked her if I could help, she told me no, and was headed back to the nearby convent.

What a day on the bike. Last night I put a "green slime" tube on the rear tire. Have been having too much trouble with flats. I was about 20 miles from nowhere on a dirt road and heard a POP, and instantly my rear tire was flat. I hit something that punctured a sizable hole in my tire and tube. Green Slime was trying to seal up the hole but was losing the battle. Then to my surprise Green Slime gummed up and I was able to hold 5 psi in my tire. So I rode like that, then air would leak out and I would stop and refill every 30 minutes. Headed out of the valley and rode up three miles of a hill. I could see water towers from 3 different towns. Decided to head back home my tube was not doing a good job holding pressure, and my tire had a hole in it you could put a pencil through. I needed 13 miles to get a century in, so I grabbed a road bike and road some nearby slick dirt trails. Had fun.

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