Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gotta ride

Four days of long rides, my bike said she was tired and laid down. I said I am too, but we have to finish our destination. So we saddled up, rode on and finished.
Dirt Century #51 for 2009. Was cold and windy. Had to work hard when the wind was pushing against me. Fortunately the wind was angled against my back on the way home. I needed some push. Found a pop machine in the town of Dyersville and purchased 40 ounces of vitimin mineral water and 20 ounces of diet coke. Drank half of right there and headed back home.


Travel Gravel said...

Parting shot, a'la Survivor Man, self-taken wide shot? Imagine how frustrating that process must be when he's out there alone. Judging from the tracks that must have been your second shot? 51 centuries and counting, you're the Survivor, man!

MrDaveyGie said...

Thank you and yes, very astute of you. 2nd shot it was, camera sitting on a bride railing. I had the camera's optics turned up.