Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After ThanksGiving, Black Friday

A dirty road from yesterday's riding. 4 hours of bicycling and did not see one other rider. Hmm everybody else must be sane. Well, I am too, sane that is, well I think I am, but some of the voices in my head are starting to act a little crazy. :-)
Yesterday's house snacks.

Yesterday's trail Snacks.

Today's weather. I like it. I'll be cool, crisp and delightfully sunny for a bike ride today. You sorta learn, and relearn and adjust what to wear continuously for out door winter riding. Yesterday I hit it perfect, started out a little cold, after warming up, stayed just right. The "Bar Mitts" work great, allowing the use of lighter gloves for better riding dexterity while staying warm inside "the mitt".
Ok, well have a good remaining Thanksgiving weekend, those that are bikies, get out and wear off some of the stuffing from yesterday.

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