Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another day in the saddle

A bikers 2nd worst enemy, a flat (1st is none cooperative body parts, like Achilles tendon flair ups, knee tendentious, Plantar fasciitis, etc. ) , really breaks up the flow of the ride. But that is part of it, fix it and git back on it.
I had to climb this plank, and others to get on top of unfinished bridges to get across the creeks. Was thinking you dumb ass, you slip, you crash, you fall, your gonna be hurt'n.

Here is one of the almost done bridges. I might have very well been the fist bicycle to ride across.

There was no one around, but there was this gigantic fire along side the trail. These flames were 30 feet high.

Well finished my ride, rode 100k, 62 miles. Tomorrow hope for some of the same. Today's ride started at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Which meant a lot of clothes on, and had to take em off as things and me warmed up. Tried my Bar mitts. They are going to be great for winter riding. Keeping hands warm, when riding cold weather is the hardest body part to keep from freezing.

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