Monday, September 7, 2009

Thinsg that go BUMP#$%$#

Out for a ride, on road bike today. I always try to keep an intense focus on what cars are going to do. A lot of times you can tell if a driver "sees" you by the look in their eyes as they are stopped at the stop sign. I look at parked cars I pass to see if there is a driver in them that will open their car door on me. Ouch. Today I was riding down a slight hill starting to slow down as I approached a cull-De-sac. I saw a driver starting to back out of the driveway and not looking at all. I caught this in time to stop. However I slightly eased off my brakes and let my front tire bump his car. I hollered at him, "BE MORE CAREFUL" I startled him, I wanted to. Hopefully he'll look better next time, hopefully he won't kill a biker.

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