Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monday, work, rode bicycle for an hour, lifted weights, and went to my dad's to check out a computer problem he was having. I was looking forward to pigging out, eating junk food, however my guts didn't feel right didn't feel like eating, one of my favorite pastimes.
Stomach pains got worse as the night went on, didn't sleep much. Hurt on the right side. Hmmm. I'm thinking I am having an appendicitis. So Tuesday morning phoned my doctor, and he wasn't in town for the day.
So went to acute care, and packed an overnight bag. Doc examined, had blood work done, that was OK, urine sample that was OK, however the symptoms did not look good. So he sent me to radiology I drank some syrup, and they put something in my veins and did a CT. Well, damn, my appendix was inflamed, swelled up, and infected. So they yanked it out and I spent the night in the hospital.
Doc told me no bicycling for 2 weeks, What is he thinking?

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