Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Miler or FLATS SUCK!!!!!

Ran into this fellow today. "Keith Nothnagel" he is riding across country to promote a recovery from addiction house he will be opening. He shared with me he loss most his life's earnings with the recession. He was involved with financing and investments. So now he is at his happiest, pedaling across country, he prefers the solitude of gravel roads, I do too.

Boats down by the Mississippi River.

I rode 100 miles today. Two friggin flats. Also broke a spoke on my front tire, had to disconnect front brake cable because front tire was wobbling to much. Was 20 miles from home with the broken spoke. Rode back home, had a spare rim and tire I put on and thought I need 20 miles more for 100 and back out I went. The rear tire soon started losing air. The last hour I had to stop and put air in tire every 10 minutes. I need to look into Slime Tubes.
There was billions of bugs to inhale and somehow get past your sunglasses an into your eyes.
So peace and happy rides.

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