Sunday, September 27, 2009

Metric Century #30 for 2009

I don't think my brake levers should be angled this way.
Here I am thanking my "Racing Ralph's" for not going flat and not dumping me.

That was until this!!!!. I got dumped. Trail was overgrown with about 12" of grass. I was hopping over small limbs. Didn't see one under the grass and my front tire slid sideways and me over the handle bars. Said a bad word on the way down. Jammed my wrist, banged my knee. Had 40 miles to go, so off I went.

This bridge has been down since the June flood of 08, but now there is a temporary crossing. Yahoo. And it looks like repairs are going to happen soon.

All in all, enjoyed the ride, metric Century #30 for the year. Fall is here, and I love the Iowa Seasonal changes.

This part of Heritage Trail is still waiting for repairs not much travel on it.

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