Sunday, September 13, 2009

Century Ride today

Dry roads today, perfect riding weather. Hard to believe leaves are falling all ready, summer is behind us and in 4 months we will be in the dead of winter. Shush it up Dave!! My rear tire flatted at about 10 miles, I carry a spare tube and a patch kit. Replaced tube and found a very tiny little rock embedded in my tire and poking into the tube. Back on my way. Didn't bring enough water, I drank 64 oz by about mile 20. Additional fluids not available until mile 32. I picked up 64 oz of water, a 20 oz mineral drink, and 16 oz Amp. Was thirsty. Had good pedaling power.
There's sunflowers looking over my shoulder.

Glad to see this bridge repaired. I had been crawling up and down the creek banks for over a year.

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