Sunday, September 6, 2009

Country riding

When I first caught these red leaves out the corner of my eyes, I thought it was a bird at first.

Rode out Heritage Trail, for 62 miles today, that makes Metric Century #27 and 100 Miler #5 riding on dirt for the year. I have learned to drink more water on these rides, really helps. I have two 32 oz water bottles, I drink both of them and a pop, before the half way point. I refill and do that again on the return trip. If temps are above 80 then it takes more fluids. I will also pack a couple of snacks, helps keep the "bonk" away. Days are getting shorter, I can still ride for an hour after work, plenty of daylight. But that will be gone in December, I am thinking about a different winter bike, studded snows, front suspension, disk brakes.



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