Monday, March 9, 2009

On the road again.

Busy day, before work Joshua my son called and said his car overheated on the way to work. So I pack up three gallons of antifreeze/water mix and head there. Car wasn't low on fluid but temperature was pegged. So we decided to look at this later and I took him to work and then I headed to work. Go, go go, all day, worked through my lunch to get everything done. I so wanted to get off in time to go rid'n. Sure glad I did. Rode my Trek 1600 on pavement. It has been since sometime last December that I have rode a road bike on pavement. Enjoyed the speed that comes with pavement and a light weight road. bike. Took on a couple of long hills Dubuque is well known for, legs felt good. Good bye winter hello spring.

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