Friday, March 6, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and a Broken Bridge

Started out ride on my Trek XO2, until my rear deraileur decided to try and wrap it's self around my rear hub. DAMN!!! Walked about 5 miles pushing bike. And saddled up old faithful, (Schwinn Rocket mountain bike) and went back to riding. Had to. was the plan. I had studded tires on both bikes, there were times when that was needed as evidenced by the ice picture.
Bill's repaired Bridge is starting to move towards the river.

The Good, (beautiful trail ride)
The Bad, (see rear deraileur rapped around wheel. Not sure how it happened. I think maybe a stick got in the chain and stuck on the deraileur gear. Stopped at Bicycle World, and Parrish is going to order a new rear deraileur.

and the Ugly. (Me)

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