Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dirt Century

Bridge down, turn right go through corn field, and mud. Hop barb wire fence, head left on gravel road loop back on trail.

Bridge still destroyed from last year's flood damage. I had to carry bike down into the ravine, the log jam I walked across is partially floating and was moving around.

Didn't know how far I was going to ride today. Headed out on Heritage Trail
Realized early I was a bit under dressed. I thought I and the temperature would warm up more then we did. Then it rained, wasn't supposed to, but it did. I made a note to myself to pay more attention to the exact weather conditions in the future. The rain made me colder, and I wished I had my helmet cap to keep my head drier. I now had 20 miles in, and realized now my ride would be a minimum of 40 miles if I turned around now. I started giving consideration to a metric dirt century to start my quest for a half liter O dirt for the year.

Had to walk through last years corn field and hop a barbed wire fence due to a downed bridge. Rode gravel to the town of Dyersville. Stopped at the Mart and got one of those 5 hour energy drinks, two granola bars and a quart of water. I was at 32 miles now so the return trip would give me a dirt century.

Now I didn't know if it was psychosomatic or the 5 hour energy drink gave me the kick. Either way I didn't care I had good energy to push the pace. Some places the trail was sticky muddy, making it a hard pedal. Finished the ride I was really hungry, maybe from my metabolism being up to keep body heat, I think I ate twice as many calories that I burned when I got home but enjoyed everyone of em.

Enjoyed the ride and plan on many more.

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