Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's the deal

Oh here is a picture of my whole Famn Damily. We are all up at Eagle Point Park. I swear my mama is shrinking. I am looking spaced and in the black T-shirt. I remember that day, I had rode a dirt century, and that kept me buzzed most of the day. My little bro Al is next to me. Brother Mark on the end. My sister Amy and Sister Dawn, and last but most significant my Ma and Pa.

Well I am supposed to have tomorrow off!!!!. I have never in my life worked so many days in a row, and I have never in a long long time been with out mucho bike riding. So my plans tomorrow are to ride. I will explore the still flood damaged Heritage Trail. I figure there will be much of the trail with patches of hard packed ice mixed with mud. I will ride my Trek XO2 with studded snows. That bike rocks. My plans this year are to ride 24 centuries in the dirt. I also want to ride a dirt century with every bike in the garage, and their are some "jal0pies" out there. So it should be fun. Later and happy rides to you.

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