Saturday, December 8, 2012


It sure seems to me that by spending time on a bicycle is how it makes it the best way to travel through life, . That is where I find my happy place. Distance and time is needed over speed. It is where my mind and thoughts are most free to roam. Heat, humidity, rain, snow, wind, ice, are only what clothing to wear challenges and not even close to reasons to not get out and pedal. It looks like again, I didn't get the home projects completed that I were on my mental list of things needed to get done  this year. But that ok, the grass did cut, the garbage taken out, and my oil changed. Things ya gotta do. I spent my spare time cycling it seems.

Today's ride was hampered and hindered by an achy knee. The one I injured weeks ago. I couldn't get out of the saddle and do any hill climbing. So the plan was to ride 50 on level gravel. With 4 miles  to go to my turn around point I heard a series of gun shots, followed by a few more. This is the 2nd week end for shot gun deer hunting in Iowa. So I turned around early so I wouldn't end up as beef jerky in a case of mistaken identity.

Chance of snow tomorrow. I hope so, I am so bike ready for snow. Cycling in the snow is my favorite way to pedal. So knee you need to behave yourself. I have lotz of miles to travel yet.
Cheers, and thanks for stopping.

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