Monday, December 10, 2012


Being I didn't ride a bicycle today, I have nothing to talk about. That is how narrow my life is.  So I thought I would post pictures and commentary of various encounters I've had with creatures that are out there on previous rides.

Sometimes, when you've been riding all day, and cold and fatigue sets in, deep, to every cell in your being. You just want to get home. Then you hear something following you, and you know this is not going to finish good.

I still have trouble with this next one. It was late, dark and I was riding trails, I started hearing voices.  I pedaled faster.  I have never believed in ghost. What I saw that night changed what I believed in, forever.

I ran into this little snake out riding one day. I was teasing him for no good reason. Then his dad showed up and I got the heck outta of there.

There have been times when riding that I will come across a bull, who has escaped from the pasture. He typically looks at me as competition. He is the Alpha Male, he thinks I want his ladies. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but he doesn't think that. So I go around him. This day I ran into the entire herd.


Sometimes when you ride, and you feel yourself running out of energy. You need carbs and you didn't pack any. I've learned to take advantage of natural resources. Sorta like gummy worms, but squirming.

That's enough nonsense, I have tomorrow off, temps starting out in the teens, I will ride the day away.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go off your meds again?