Thursday, December 20, 2012


Decisions, decisions. We received manna today. 14 inches of snow. Tonight temps are going down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. So with tomorrow off from work, my plans are to ride snow mobile trails all day. My only dilemma is will the trails be icy, or snow packed. I need to know so I can pick the appropriate tire for the occasion. The Dillinger Studded set or my Fat Larry and Nate combo. I mean I spent my entire savings and cashed in my pension to buy these tires, I want to make the right choice.
I think I am going with the Big, the Fat, and the Larry. It will be fun and a challenge to stay warm. But for now, I think I'll have me a Margarita and if I have another I'll probably find myself winning the Tour De France on a Fat Bike.
Hope you have some fun planned too,
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Craig said...

Might want to throw the dillinger on the front at least just to get you to the trail. I went out for two hours last night (Thursday) and rode a fair amount of ice just to get to the snow. Had me going pretty slow and steady for that part. Today I'll be swapping over to the Nates for the extra traction and piece of mind.

Looking forward to hear how your ride goes. You got twice the snow we did so I may be making a field trip up there this weekend.

mrbill said...

Margaritas will do that, and more, if you have enough