Sunday, August 9, 2009

Riding the storm out.

Ride started out so hot and humid. I drank 14 lbs of fluids in 62 miles.
This man was kind enough to le me into his house, a complete stranger to him, and offered me beers. :-) The storm hit so hard out in the country, the sky was a deep blueish green, I needed cover was worried about trees blowing over, lightening, hail and a tornado. We sat around and BS'd he has lived in this for 37 years.

I turned around to see this storm coming up over the hill and after me. There was this dark blue on the horizon, that was steadily rising.

My new shoes are all dirty.

Here is a very rare "bicycle tree" that fell down with the storm. I was able to pick a nice Trek XO2 from it. GOOD GRIEF!!!! I think I have cracked from riding in the heat today.

Got caught in a bad storm, riding a dirt century, actually had to knock on a strangers house and ask for shelter. He was so sweet and obliging. See picture oh him, his house, and my bike. It started out so hot and humid, drank 2 gallons of water. Was in the town of Dyersville 32 miles from home, and the lady at the gas mart said potential tornadoes and large hail where headed this way 40 miles an hour. I tried to ride ahead of it and get back home. It got so dark I couldn't see. My pace was all out, and the storm, hail, lightening was kicking at my butt. No cell phone service. So thankful for good people and shelter out there.
Ride on

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