Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back from out doing some riding.

Having snack, enjoying the scenery. I had recently read that these Granola bars I fuel up on were no more then a snicker bar in a different wrapper nutrient speaking. Perhaps true, two of the 5 main ingredients are sugar/brown sugar basically the same thing. Not that I am against junk food, we are good friends. It's that if you are planning on riding for several hours you do not want your insulin to spike, and try to plow through the following diminishing blood sugar levels.
Iowa country. I so enjoy watching the 4 seasons come and go out here. beautiful.

The winding road.

Oh I got new biking shoes, they're nice. More power to the pedal, my olds were wore out, and would flex to much.

Headed to the tree tunnel.

Rode a country mile and then some today. 62 miles out on trail and gravel. Had to climb down a ravine and over some logs floating in a pile across a small creek while carrying my bike. Slipped on the muddy bank with my foot in between some branches from a fallen tree. That wrenched my "good knee" a little bit. Hurt to continue riding for awhile. After a bit it cooled down and would only hurt after I would stop, and then get restarted. So knee hear me now, don't you be giving me anymore trouble.
Have good days and good rides.

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