Friday, August 28, 2009

I killed a ground hog today.

Geeesh. Riding through Eagle Point Park on road bike. Saw another rider in front of me banging out a good pace. So I thought, let me try and catch him. I was on his tail having fun, both of us going about 25 mph. He slowed down, I passed him, rounded a corner at about 20 mph, and right directly in front of me was a ground hog. Ground hog started to run out from being in front of me, then turned around and ran right into my front tire. I thought I am going down on the pavement now. My front tire hit him square in the head, I was flying bike hopped in the air, and rear tire ran over Mr Ground Hog. Much to my astonishment, I stayed on the bike, and Ground hog never even wiggled. Here he is moved to the side of the road. Don't know how but he must have died instantly. Maybe a snapped neck. The bicyclist behind me came up next to me and said "WoW!!" "Neve a dull moment bike riding."

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