Sunday, August 2, 2009

#22 Dirt Metric Century

Good Grief, leaves are starting to fall already.
This is fun to cross carrying your bike. "Someday" the washed out bridge will get rebuilt.

Here is my papa, 85 years young.

LQQK what happened, my youngest turned 21 last week, and see what he is doing.

Well today was dirt Metric Century #22 for the year. Had the time, had the energy, have a good bike, weather was good, so was a no brainer, ride I did. Using a heart rate monitor helps give me the straight scoop. Some times I feel I am working hard but the heart rate is just coasting. Today I kept focus up, kept the HR where I could hold it but kept the pace that required some discomfort. It was fun, my legs are a bit toasted from the last three days, 150 miles at a good pace. Probably there will nothing in them after work tomorrow. We'll see.
Went out to eat last night with Ma, Pa, Caleb my son, Melissa my daughter, Brook my son in law, Birgit my lady, and Sir Cole Alexander my grandson.

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