Sunday, January 18, 2009

ON THE ROAD AGAIN................................

Fortunately I got today off work, last day off in awhile I suspect. So after getting done with typical house chores that build up when you work long hours, I headed out to Heritage Trail.
Doing about 5 mph here, but was glad I didn't have to walk the bike. Lot of rear tire spinning and front tire sliding around. Snow as packed enough I could get some bite with the Nokkian Studs, I think the Endomorph fat tire would have rode well in this today. Never hit the ground once today which is a nice thing to avoid, did slide out a few times but was able to catch myself before smacking down and biffing.

The bridges were slippery due to the rubber mats underneath for snow mobile protection. Some I had to walk.

Turned off the trail here and rode this gravel road. Was hard packed ice, my tires bit good. Going about 13 mph, I have forgotten what it is like to coast, enjoyed, got chilled with the increase in speed and reduced labor.
Weee, getting spoiled now on pavement, going 18 mph, and it's been well over a month that I've gone that fast, feel like a speed demon. Riding snow covered trail has been a good work out. You have to push yourself all the way, tires bury in and takes extra work to keep em moving. There is no coasting, you stop pedaling you stop moving. I've learned to enjoy all four Iowa seasons for bicycling, each one has it's own pleasures.
Peace and happy rides.

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