Saturday, January 3, 2009


I see snowboarders over there this is Sundown Ski across the creek.

On the road again.

Look ma no hands

I fell down go boom. I caught a rut, threw me to the left, I saw soft snow and rolled towards it. Beautiful day for a ride, the ice ruts kept you on your toes or on your ass was the other option. That made for fun riding.

Bill the bridge Builder. If you see Bill thank him, and nominate him for sainthood. He is making a way to get across the section where both him and I got wet feet New Years Day when we broke through the ice and into the creek. Now with this section navigable it opens up the other half of the trail without having to ride pavement.

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Anonymous said...

DAMN! that's one deep crossing... looks like it will be easy now! All hail BILL!!!