Sunday, January 6, 2013


I woke up this morning later then I thought I would, later then I thought I should. My body was tired.  Yesterday’s ride had me pushing a fat tired bike though snow that needed more compaction to ride. The combination of cold air, bike pushing, fat tire riding left me in a pleasant almost euphoric state of exhaustion.
 But now excessive caffeine consumption has reached the point of nonproductive fidgeting. My solution to this is to saddle up and leg my legs pedal my bike out in the country for my soul to have a treat.

I have lights, so if the mood is right, the energy is there, and can still ride after the sun goes down. I think I will explore some new routes today. It is a feeling of freedom and enjoyment that is my passion.  But now I am sitting here wasting time, I gotz ta go.  

Cheers and thanks for the visit.


Trevor Woodford said...

Great first image....seconds one's pretty good too.....


mrbil said...

Nice pics Dave, good to see your out and about, I hate to admit it to my macho self but your tougher than I am, Have a great 2013 Dave!