Saturday, January 12, 2013


Next Sunday, Jan 20th is the Triple D bicycle, run, and Ski race starting in Dubuque Iowa. There will be over 200 participants this year. Lance and Traci Andre put a tremendous amount of time, effort, heart and soul into this event and it shows. It grows every year. This will be my 4th year in this event.

Today leaving from my house I rode 20 miles out and 20 miles back on the Heritage Trail portion of the race. It was quite a mix of riding conditions as you shall see in the following pictures.

Getting out of town to the Trail was the most treacherous part of the ride.
This first picture below is not part of the race. I used my Dillinger Fat Studded tires for the first time today. This section had me holding my breath none the less but my tires held, amazingly well.

I was glad to get off of this. Didn't feel like breaking a knee cap today for some reason.
Here the trail rode fast plenty of frozen grit and gravel to bite into.
Here is where the marathon runners will turn off of the trail and head to Eichman's Tap for the finish.

A couple of bridges are down on the trail and to avoid wet feet here is my homemade bridge in an attempt to keep the feet dry. 
It has been unusually warm all week. There has been a lot of snow melt. Starting out this morning parts of the trail were still soft and spraying grit and freezing on my bike.  
Some of the sections that don't see sun still had full snow coverage.

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Now it is time for both of us, Fatty and I to chill and warm up. I don't know what the fuss is all about with the FatCycle thawing out in the dining room. I mean, I don't think the hardwood floors will hurt the Studded Tires.
Ok that was the Heritage Trail section of DDD. Tomorrow I shall head out on the other areas of the race. Like the trails up off the side of NW Arterial, and the infamous Humke B road down through the woods.
Over and out.


dawn marie giegerich said...

Good luck DDD! Cold temps will keep those icy paths treacherous. I'll be rooting for the Knight Rider, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates, keep'em comin, super helpful for race day prep! Andy O

Dan O said...

Looking forward to the race report post...