Saturday, January 5, 2013


Checking out the Triple D bicycle race (Click here) trail route today. It was a blast. Left from home and took the city streets to the snow mobile trails that climb up and down the hills to the north of NW Arterial which will be the return route of DDD to the hotel.  A lot of places on the road it was slick ice and you just held still and tried to let your bike roll through without doing a ground slam. If I had my Studly tires on there would have been no issue but I knew I was going to ride a lot of snow covered snow mobile trails and wanted the fatter nonstudded  tires.

Right off the bat I find myself pushing my bike. Steep hills, I run out of traction even with the fattie tires.

My plans are to let the 75 + bicycle riders that are ahead of me pack down the
trail on these current push-a-bike sections. Makes it easier for us over the hill gang. ;-)
As long as you stayed inside the snow mobile tracks you could keep pedaling
Pushing my bike through snow above my cycling boots let the snow in. Snow melted and socks were wet. Feet cold. The best thing was to just keep moving. My bike slid out on me and I went air born riding through some slick areas. I realized that I have not seen a single person since I went off road and getting injured down here might not be a good idea.


Trevor Woodford said...

That certainly looks like a lot of fun Davey....I 'almost' wish we had some snow here...almost!


dawn marie giegerich said...

Bulbous German gnome nose . . .