Friday, January 20, 2012

?? Has anybody seen the kNIGHT RIDER ??

Brevity is going to have be the theme for now on this Blog.  I know, hard to imagine that for me, thee "King of Pontification." But you see I am typing with one finger for reasons seen below.

After Years of weight lifting, a couple dozen bike crashes or more and  3 shots of cortisone in less then 8 months and a recent MRI I find myself Friday morning nervous and looking for my best pair of underwear for a trip to the hospital and shoulder surgery.  Rotator cuff was thin and with a tear if it would have ripped anymore it would have lengthened and compounded recovery greatly. My doctor removed  bone that was causing impingement,  an inflamed ligament, and a swollen bursa. He did some other stuff but I was too "high" to remember anything else he told me.

So, without any further ado, I'll wrap this up for now.

I want to come back soon and write about the Triple D race I was in last Sunday. Being with some of the riders that made the top 18-25 group yet in Dyersville, past the half way point and after all the hills, and ending up 30th has some Bonk written in it. Being the oldest in the top 30, at almost 59 and with around 75 experienced riders signing up, thoroughbred stallions, with 20 or so not finishing I am quite happy with the effort. That being said  I still have improvements to identify ( I knew I should have shaved my legs :-) . The nature of this type of competition fits my OCD well, and lets me obsess about the details. Training styles, recovery, equipment, clothing, nutrition, and on and on. I am not alone in this, most the cyclists competitors I know do so.

My daughter, yes I said my daughter Melissa, a new entry into the the endurance winter events took 2nd in the women's marathon. Awesome. Melissa you rock!!

Lance Andre did invite me up front for some special swag for my help in setting up the distances, but this is what I had to say about Lance and Traci, on Face Book, and this goes out to all you race directors/organizers/volunteers/sponsors you give and give and we participants get to reap the benefits of all your hard work.

 "Lance and Traci: Triple D is and continuing to be one of the best run, most fun bike/ski/run races in the Midwest. The growing popularity shows that. I've seen the 100s of hours you've put in. With out these efforts and the efforts of other race directors/organizers we who bike-ski-run would lose a big part of what we do. We target races like these, set goals, train, and go out and enjoy the hell out of events like Triple D. From all us Thank you...."

Now I realize I said I was going to keep this brief but I think the drugs are kicking in....I have just one more thing to say and then I will go.
I strive to keep this Blog with a G rating for General audiences. But sometimes it slips into the PG-13 rating. So if you don't qualify for the PG-13 rating please DO NOT scroll down

Below is a picture of my bike when I broke the news to her we would not be riding for awhile.
She gave me this obscene gesture..

                                                    OK, umm, being were in the "PG-13" category now I have  just one more thing to add. Try this. Stick your dominate hand/arm inside your shirt and try to do some of the basic bodily needs we do each day, and no, I am not talking about buttoning your shirt!!!  Uh huh!!! You get the idea, this is going to suck.
Dang I want to go riding too, hopes this recovery goes well and fast.


Oh just one more thing, I know some of you think that I just might be the kNIGHT RIDER and your worried I won't be out there at night protecting the trails from the evil villains. Umm, Quite frankly I am worried about that too.



Trevor said...

I wish you a speedy recovery.....


Joboo said...

Sir, heal quickly, heal well; and you'll be jumping on that big girl and YOU'LL be flipping everybody the bird!! Ha Ha
Peace, Joe

tainterturtles said...

With all those century rides in the last two years, I think you've built up some sick days....take them and rest!

You'll be back to riding in no time, I'm sure.

Boy oh boy your girl is hardcore. Just tell her to settle down and be patient.

Dan O said...

Congrats to you and your daughter on the great racing action.

Hope the shoulder heals quick...

DonnaG said...

Hope you get well soon!

Craig said...

Good recovery, fine sir. May your regeneration powers be swift and magical.

welshcyclist said...

Well done, and I hope you recover fast, going to miss your riding posts, for awhile. Cheers

Anonymous said...

forgot to thank you for your help setting up the course.Well done