Thursday, January 12, 2012

Triple D you got your snow.....

Here is Dubuque, 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning 1/12/12. 3-5 more inches coming yet. Triple D does it again. A FatTire riding event. I will post some pictures later of the Trail conditions. 
Ride On.

So after this Triple D miracle blizzard most of us will now quit obsessing over what bike we were going to ride in Triple D. With this much snow, bicycling over farm fields, trails, rutted paths, and B roads, riding only a FatTire is starting to make too much sense to ignore. So being a lot of us borderline on OCD and need  something else to worry about we will now change our thoughts and obsessions to what Fat Tire combination to go with. Nate, or Endo, or Larry, or Big Fat Larry or Husker. To be mounted on 70, 80, 90, or 100 Rims. Then we'll think about how much air pressure for each tire.

Then if we get close to figuring out that challenge  we will then ponder what gearing combinations to use. Then I'll start to wonder how much clothing should I wear, with temps being around 11f Sunday morning, but warming up to the upper 30s as I warm up too.

Then I wonder how will I store my extra clothes, I will need to remove layers as things heat up. I don't want the extra weight of a back rack.

What about lighting, how much should I take? With all this snow slowing down the pace I don't think my helmet light will be enough. Finishing Triple D for us non front runners, is thee challenge.

Fluids, how much? I would like to pack enough to make it to Dyersville, the turn around point.

I can't forget my multi tool and chain repair tool and spare link and on and on. 

Do I need my poggies? Almost like miniature sleeping bags that fit over your handle bars to stick your hands into to keep warm. The problem is I need them at 15 degrees when we start out, but they will be too warm by noon.

How about calories? I like to eat 200-300 calories an hour when cycling. I will burn up more then that but that is all I can digest and convert into glucose per hour.

I will pack a spare tire tube and air pump and a tire patch kit.

An IPOD will come along for the journey. It would be  typical for me to find my pace and find myself riding the last hours alone and music makes good company.

Every bolt needs to be checked on my FatRig, and I will stop now with how most cyclist think about preparation, you get the idea.

I have friends, and know people who can win this race. They have most the same thoughts and even more thoughts  based on experiences and the harsh training mentor called past failures.

Out of all these unknowns, I do know this. After riding 9 hours plus from daylight to dark, across frozen country side, and finishing at the Grand Harbor Resort that first drink, will feel well earned and taste delicious. The others that follow are just obligatory for the occasion.

There is now over 155 folks, chumping at the bit and ready to get started signed up for this race. Lance and Traci Andre,  I've caught a glimpse of the 100s of hours of hard work that you two put into this 'ride' to make it work. I find what started out as a idea in 2007 and now in it's 5th year and brings this many people together in the middle of winter, in Iowa, for an outdoor event, more then wonderful. Thank you.

Ride on.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You sound happier than a kid at Christmas.

Steve Fuller said...

Dave - Even the guys capable of winning this thing are thinking about the same things. For some of them, the decisions are easier to make due to experience. After that, it's all the engine. Look forward to seeing you at the start, riding with you in the middle, and then enjoying the sweet taste of success after we finish.

gnarlees said...

You might look at the Revelate Designs....hmmm, it was called a Super Twinkie when I grabbed one....let me look. Called Viscacha now. Sadly, looks to be out of stock at the moment. Well shoot. It does a great job of holding a fleece jacket, rain jacket and pants and various other little things. But something like it would do well.