Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seems bicycling used up the whole day......

Out the door on my FatTire this morning, thinking maybe I could do a 100 miles on gravel roads somewhere in NE Iowa. Headed north out of town, my son Caleb gave me directions to a abandoned quarry he used to Motor-X on that had  different elevations of riding. I was thinking that would be fun to ride, even if it would not accumulate much millage. To get there required riding along side rail road tracks, and then between rail road tracks. So that I did, keeping my ears open for the sound of a train that could really ruin my day. I came to a gate, and signs that said under watch of the Canadian Pacific police, (WTHoot, who and what are the Canadian Pacific police) and more signs saying "NO TRESPASSING, then it said something in Spanish also. So I think is said something like any trespassers would be thrown in the lower dungeon with some very huge nasty bad people. ::Gulp:: I did turn around.

Wasn't sure where to go, so I decided to get lost somewhere out in the country. Rode up the longest hill I think I have ever seen just to see what was on top of it. What was on top of it, was the same things that was on the bottom of it, farms, cows, and corn fields. The ride down was fun and had me going 40 mph on the FatTires and they just roared with noise.

Next I headed to places I've never seen before, sorta of lost with a general sense of direction of where I was at, always on the listen for the dog attack coming at me that all cyclist fear.

It was getting later and I was getting tired-er hauling these big tires around and wasn't sure I was going to get 100 miles and started thinking do I accept that and just home or go home and get lights and just do it. The bike started to wobble around and as I suspected my front tire was going flat on me. 

After fiddling around I patched and pumped the FatTire up and proceeded. Arriving back in town now on pavement, 75 miles in, and thinking maybe I should just go home Then Jim
pulls up from behind, riding an ultra light carbon road bike. Ex competitive racer Jim. He says I am doing a 10 mile loop through town, and then head out on county roads, you want to ride the loop with me? So we rode, he slowed down, I sped up and worked hard my front tire was low on air and was making me work my butt off. We talked about all the time spent riding bicycles and all the chores that don't get done as a result. We figured the ladies at home didn't complain (much) because it got us out of the house and gave them some peace. :-)

We rode Jim's loop and parted and now I had 85 miles in, 100 miles was too close to stop now. Headed home, ate, drank some juice, mounted a headlight, saw my new Jersey arrived, changed and went out and did 15 more.

Spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and eating, and thinking what a perfect day it was.

If someone shows up at the house tonight saying I won the "Publishers Clearing House" million dollar prize I will do this again tomorrow, otherwise, I will be at work.

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Bill G said...

Hopefully the van showed up this morning for you so you can ride another 100 on the fatbike. A flat??? I cannot believe that - I think my tires are indestructable or at least I hope so because I don't want to pump up a Larry with my hand pump!!!

Dan O said...

Man, you're really hardcore - awesome. 100 miles on those tires?

Same with me: If I hit the lottery, similar story...

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Riding the tracks....Love it!

welshcyclist said...

Just a perfect day!