Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fat is Fun.

Took a day off work to ride around. The plan was to zig zag around the wide mixture of gravel from Dubuque to Dyersville, up and down the hills, wear myself out, and finish with 30 miles of level Heritage Trail to home.
My FatTire FackBack Bike couldn't be more fun of a ride, handles great, and controllable in the ruts. Some of the hills had even the Fat spinning out on the loose gravel climbs.

Was cold this morning. Cold relative to what it has been. 50s. Seems I have to learn, again, exactly how to dress based on temp, wind, and sun. Fortunately bicycling clothing is in layers, and zippers which allow adjustments as you travel.

DOGS!!! Damn Dawgs, that can be the challenge riding on a road that seldom sees another traveler other then a resident. You become a dog treat. I take out my ear music, when I am in suspect areas. My hope is I can hear them coming before they take you out.
My defense is as follows.
1st. Out run them. See them coming, and get on the pedals, great incentive for high heart rate work outs.
2nd. If they catch you. Get off the bike, get the bike between them and you, and shout like your "Da Man"
3rd. I carry a dog biscuit in my front bag, toss that to them.
4th. Hope the owner walks out of the woods and saves you.

Iowa Roads

Check this one out. Craig has got a good idea cooking. A night ride, not a race. 65 miles, Oct 15th on gravel. Beer and campfire to follow.

This is the night of my High School 40th reunion, I was thinking one is supposed to go. Then I changed that plan to I need to see my grandson that weekend, was one a few weekends that would work. 

Now I anguish, might rearrange, might do the mighty Cole a.k.a my awesome grandbaby, on the prior week, ride the ride, and skip the reunion. Churning this over.

That's all I should say, because seems I need to get to bed because bosses seem to like you to show up on time. If I had my way, I would get up tomorrow and spend the day rotating pedals. What can I say?

Yours truly


Joboo said...

It was 4 a.m. When i started reading this post, its 5:05 now, i'm at work, and just finishing up reading this post!! Lol
Yes, bosses do like it when ya show up to work on time!! Lol
Gotta love the fat tire!!
25 degrees this a.m. In northern Mn. Whoohoo!!! Haven't seen lows like that since June!! ;) lol
Didn't take long waking up this morning!!
Dave, IMHO do the grandson thing, for sure and always!!!!
And the ride, HS reunions........ There'll always be another!! Lol

Peace, Joe

Bill G said...

Another dog remedy learned on the bike tour last summer - a blast of water from the bottle to the face - stops them in their tracks and is quite funny to watch!

I am really contemplating a cockpit switch for my Mukluk - can't decide on H bars on Woodchippers????

Craig said...

If you can make it then that would be great, but if you can't then there will be others. Courtney H suggested doing something like this in the winter since it gets dark earlier, so I may run one on the snow as well.

Steph said...

I always thought about carrying a dog treat or jerky on my bike in a handy place, so that if I had to feed it to a dog to get off my tail, I could. haha :)