Thursday, September 22, 2011

Makes perfect sense to me.

I'm riding, I'm cold, and I'm wet. It wasn't supposed to rain but it did. I am soaked to the bone, it is about 50 degrees and daylight is leaving.  I need to stop and dig my light and battery pack out of my back bag and mount  them on my bike, it is getting dark, I don't want to stop, I want to get home. I am riding on dirt trail, the trail is covered with walnuts and it is getting too dark to avoid them. I hit a pot hole, I didn't see it coming, my teeth bang together, so I stop and mount my lights. Today's plan was to ride 100 miles on anything that isn't pavement on the Fat Tire Bike. I have just over 80 miles in. After the thundershower from hell, I was hoping I would dry up, with the ride,  but with the sun going down it is not happening, my hands are cold, and don't want to open up easily after they have been squeezing on the handle bars.
I really want to get 100 miles in on a bike that weighs 40 and some lbs after I put her on a  diet and losing a few pounds, riding on dirt and gravel roads. I suppose none of this makes any sense to most the population. To those that know what I mean, Amen.   I'm home now, I finished, I'm happy, I'm tired, I rode my century.

I think I shall do this again as soon as I can.  

Meet my friend, Mr. Cliff Tree as we share a snack before rain and darkness.

Thanks for stopping in.


dawn marie giegerich said...

FEED ME . . .

tainterturtles said...

You are hardcore man!

Joboo said...

Glad to see the bodies holding up for ya Sir!!!!
Every now and then I like to hurt myself also!! ;)
It makes one know that if and when ya need to do an extra 20 some odd miles, It is not a big deal!!
Then again, I've been called just plain "CRAZY" for how and why I ride my pedal bike!!!!
So be it!!!
At least I haven't killed anyone........ yet!!! Lol

Pedal on!!
Peace, Joboo

Bill G said...

That is an amazing feat on the fatbike Sir David of Dubuque! Great job!

Dan O said...

100 miles on those fat ass tires?

Man, that's hardcore....