Saturday, April 16, 2011

Need some healing time

This post is funny. Cup-O-Dirt. Nick did it. Nick is a neat guy, SciFi writer and veteran of many epic endurance snow and gravel races, including Arrowhead 135, Tuscobia, Triple D, and now is entered in Trans Iowa this coming Easter Sunday. Go Nick Go.

I gotta be doing something.I need to bicycle, or something, something that takes my full efforts, heart and soul.

The issue is this. Readers of this blog have lately put up with me whining about shoulder problems. This has crept in over the last couple of months. I suspect due to a combination of hard crashes this winter landing on my shoulders, 100s of hours of riding with a change of handle bar designs that didn't feel right, my continuance to keep riding as shoulders were getting worse.
So this week I made an appointment with a chiropractor, I thought I would start there. Today was my second visit. Today he told me he wanted to set up an appointment for me to see a neurologist  The problems is numbness that has developed in my hands, wrist, and fingertips. Shoulder impingement could do this, so could nerve stenosis, among other non wonderful things. Also I have an appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon, to look at shoulder repairs. So not much bicycling for awhile. I will get this all straightened out. I will be back on the ride.

The 5 main problems of not riding a bicycle.
1. I'm not on my bike
2. My spirit doesn't get to fly.
3. My soul goes stagnate.
4. My body becomes a reservoir for pizza and other assorted junk foods with no burn off.
5. I don't get any faster by not riding my bike and drinking beer.

Today was freezing rain, drizzle, snow and windy. Perfect day for bicycle riding, but I think they are all perfect.

Oh well, I think I'll mix myself a margarita that would comatose a horse
 and commence to partake.

Hey thanks for visiting, see you out there on a bike SOON.....


tainterturtles said...

Oh Davie G, I'm sorry to hear about the body not cooperating. Bummer. Maybe you could pop in a few mountain bike videos of extreme riding while you're enjoying that pizza and those margaritas!

Hang in there friend. Hey, we had snow here too in southern WI...bizzare for mid April.

Courtney said...

Injuries suck, I'm still healing the back up. No off roading for a while

dawn marie giegerich said...

Yet another injury story to add to the list. Is any part of your body still in pristine,normal condition? Good luck, my brother, I hope I won't need to bring you brownies in the hospital.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The faster you get better the sooner you'll be riding. Make it happen!

Clive Chapman said...

Mate, I get horrendous numbness in both hands, a result of a battered body through playing rugby all my life. I'm sort of used to it now, although I could do without it.

I symapthise. I'm looking forward to reading about your next pedal.

mrbill said...

I feel your pain Dave, but life goes on, we make adjustments and make the best of every day. I value your Friendship.

Anonymous said...

Apparently recumbent bicycles are very good at not causing your body too much harm.... you may want to try them out, but I would stick to paved roads! Hope your shoulders get the attention they need, and that you can get better to ride the trails again.