Saturday, April 9, 2011

Has anybody seen me???

Oh there I am having a drink with myself.

Rode today, the WoodChipper Drop bars work great on the HardTail. I won't go back to Straight bars or Surly angled bars again. The Drops give me 4 distinct hand placement which take a load off of my shoulder problems and give great ergonomics.

I think I damaged my rotater cuffs on both shoulders. Been here before. The problem. My mileage is way down. I took this week off from riding. Didn't help. Arms, shoulders, were hurting, today, hands were going numb. Too many crashes I thinks this winter. Shoulders act that way, fly off the bike, and land on em, and they flare up later. Spose I will be calling my doctor this coming week. May a 'shot' will get them to simmer down.  Oh well I will work through this.
Seems my blogging is down when my bicycling is down. Seems happy times are related to 'happy rides' Is what it is. Tomorrow there is supposed to be thunderstorms all day. I hopes to ride anyways. Rain riding has a different feel all to it's self. I look forward to it.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Glad those bars are working out.

Anonymous said...

I like the pic with the logs. As the group having a drink grows, please don't include the scary baby doll thing!

Bill G said...

Hope the shoulders clear up for you! I hear you on the blogging and riding. Mine goes down when I don't photograph!

Steph said...

you have a clone! I want one!

Travel Gravel said...

As a person who has had nerve stuff going on, I suggest you look to a chiropractor for some relief of the numbness. The practice of chiro takes the least damaging route, and I believe the body can be able to heal itself. Knives are a last ditch effort. Surgeons are fiends! Also, a professional bike fitting would be a good idea for your high mileage lifestyle. Later!

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks Sir TG. I also do beieve the best cure if to create a path for the body to heal itself. This has been lingering for months now. I have been working on a series of stretches. That has helped some. And yes, I am thinking about giving a chiro a call. Getting knifed in the shoulders is a long slow cure, if a cure comes. Thanks for your thoughts.