Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthdays in bunches

Today is my dog, Pitty's birthday. She is 8 years old. Pitty was snuck into this house by my son Joshua. in spring of 2003. I was a single parent and had full custody of my two teen age boys. Josh has a big heart, and he found Pitty the runt of the litter at a Pit Bull Breeding farm. She wasn't as marketable as her larger siblings. Josh saved his money, and made a deal, and purchased Pitty. She was about the size of a squirrel with and over sized head.
I wasn't going to keep a Pit Bull in this house. Well she got my attention and my favor and is part of the family now. Here is Pitty and Josh taking a nap, and to the right is Pitty with her bling, hat, and glasses on.

Today is my son's Joshua, birthday. He was born 24 years ago. The doctor that yanked him out and into this world was having his birthday that day too. Josh is high spirited, full of fun and energy. He makes a lot of people smile and laugh, everyday. Happy Birthday Joshua David.

Now you would think that would be enough birthdays for day. But believe it or not, it is my birthday too. Yes 58 years ago today, I was hatched. To me it is just another day. If I would have had a birthday cake with candles, I would have made this wish, that I would spend the day bicycling out on country roads. Guess what? I got my wish
Stopped at this old country church, built in 1867, suddenly I don't feel so old.
Saw Martha out giving Sophie a walk. She's trying to get Sophie to turn around and look at the camera. Sophie could care less. Martha loves Mountain Biking. She offers riding skill classes during the season to get other's interested. Awesome

Rode a metric century on gravel. 62 miles. Legs felt plenty strong for the job. All I need is for my shoulders to start behaving and I can start working in some longer runs. Is what spring is made for. Made this video of today's ride. Taped my camera to the handle bars.

Ok I better drag this 58 year body to bed. Work comes early. You know how bosses are, they think you should show up on time. Good night..DAve


Joboo said...

Happy Day.... Happy Day... Pops!!! ;)
Also, many more to come along the road of life!!!
Pedal on!!!


Clive Chapman said...

Happy Birthday from Little Old England Davey!

Bill G said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

Have a great week!

Craig said...

You must have also wished for great weather. It was a nice one out there.

Happy birthday!

mrbill said...

Glad you had a nice Birthday, good luck with the shoulder, injuries and pain suck, but it sure feels good to feel good.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!! what a great day to get out!!! :)

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Lots of good has happened on that day.

dawn marie giegerich said...

So that dog is 56 years old in human years? Keep feeding him that bacon.

welshcyclist said...

Hi there Davey, Sorry it's belated, but Happy Birthday! I got my free bus pass, at 60 three weeks ago. Great to see the sights and scenes you see on your rides, really hard work on gravel etc., How you manage metric centuries so often, is a mystery to me, but well done and keep it going. That's the most important thing now, dare I say it?, at our age! Keep pedalling.

Dan O said...

Happy - belated - birthday...

Cool riding clip. Keep it going.

Courtney said...

Thats my kind of day!