Tuesday, May 15, 2012

..and then we rode.

Nick, from way over in Ames Iowa, almost 200 miles from here had been contacting me via Email about coming to my town and riding a century together on dusty roads. Nick runs the Cup O Dirt Web site where a coffee mug is given out for every 12 gravel centuries the contestants do in a given year. Plus Nick also wanted to deliver my mugs from previous rides. Now I had only met Nick once, briefly, right before a  race we were both in a couple of years ago. He had been visiting this blog and introduced himself to me while I was doing the nervous fidgeting with my bike most go through shortly before the start gun fires. Then he was gone, well ahead of me, being a veteran and finisher of many prestigious snow races. Me just an old guy that does a lot of riding drifted backwards from the front runners.

Nick arrives at my front door Sunday, early afternoon, along with his sweetheart and lady Caitlin with the goods.

Here I am accepting my awards, asking the crowd to keep the applause down to after my acceptance speech. Creepy Baby had ring side seat.

We all changed into the riding garb that any serious cyclist would only consider wearing and most the world rolls theirs eyes when a man almost 60 is in spandex and tight jersey. All I can say is try to  ride 100 miles on a hot summer day over gravel roads wearing anything else.

So we all saddle up, ride out of town together and feel so at home on our bikes. Caitlin rode with us to the first small town and bid us farewell and let us go.

Nick and I, we rode on, we talked, we laughed, we enjoyed. For the most part strangers an hour ago we are now chattering like we've been best friends for life. Such is cycling, we are all birds of a feather. Averaging around 16 mph on trail, fast enough to enjoy the workout, slow enough to be able to talk, we rode on, getting lost in the very small town of Dyersville looking for a mart for fluid replacement.

This picture shows Nick trying to pass me after resting in my draft. Well he doesn't know about my Cavendish afterburners that I had ready to kick in.

Returning home, it was a good ride and I have a bunch of neat coffee mugs. Nick and Caitlin headed to Swiss Valley Campgrounds for beers, food, and campfire, a perfect way to end a day spent in the saddle.


The "Cups" are in a good home. Well actually the "Cups" became a good home for some of these wayward creatures.

Thanks for the visit.

Oh I have the day off tomorrow, my FatBike is in the dining room waiting and we are headed down dusty roads all day........tomorrow...

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Awesome. Cool story...