Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pitty and the Creeps new Blog.

Pitty and Creepy Baby reporting in.

We are not giving him his blog back, we changed the Pass Word!!!! He left this morning on his FatBike to go riding in the rain. Seems he doesn't mind the rain, oddly enough, I think he likes it.

We hope he returns but we have no control over what he does. As you may recall if you read the previous post Dave was missing for some time and we found him living in the woods and we coaxed him into coming back home
We found some more pictures when he was living out in the woods, apparently he had been living on a diet of worms, deer ribs, decaptivated deer and giant fungus balls.

A man gone crazy......we'd say.
Oh oh, he's home, he was out riding all day. Now he's yelling at us, and he want's his blog back,,,,,,,,

OUCH!!!!!! Put me down!!!!

Dave here. Ok I got my Blog back. I will be reporting on what really happened out there now that those two nincompoops don't know my changed pass word. Stay tuned.

Cheers and thanks for stopping in. MrDaveyGie.


tainterturtles said...

Seriously Davie G, did you really touch that decaying animal carcass? Please wash those biking gloves ok???

Glad you got your blog back. Creepy baby now has a crocheted GB Packer's hat?!

Craig said...

Maybe they need their own blog.


mrbill said...

Yep, Looks like you've been OUT there, dancing your own dance, good for you. Have a good week Dave!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Let's not see these pictures ever again.

Steph said...

Lol! Love all the pics! :)