Saturday, November 5, 2011

I put my bike on a diet.

I've been riding lots. Probably a good thing, because I'm prone to eating frenzies. Like last night, I picked out a mini snickers out the leftovers from Trick-or-Treat bowl, then another one, and another one. and before I knew it, I ate every mini snickers out of the bowl of leftovers. I didn't count how many, it lessons the guilt not to know. This wasn't the first time I attacked this bowl. The first assault came right after Trick-or-Treat night  was over.
So to compensate for any weight gain I might encounter, I put Ms. Lard'O the Fat Tire bike on a diet, I've chipped away about 10lbs off of her, with carbon, upgrades, and part removals, so pass the Milky Ways bars. Here she is Ms. Lard'O weighing in at 35 lbs with no water or gear. 

Today was Metric Century #3 for the week, hoping I got something left for another one tomorrow, might be one of those slow-grinder rides, the old legs might be low on zip juice. 30 mph hour winds are going to add to the challenge. With the leaves falling and brush dropping a whole bunch of new routes are opening up. My fattest of fat tires
will ride about anywhere.
I did something, I wish it wasn't so. But I did. I ordered a indoor cycling trainer. Last winter I rode often after work, at nights with lights in ice and snow. My shoulder is to blame. The last shot of cortisone didn't help much, it keeps me up at nights, and that usually means the "s" word. I can ride hard with it as long as I don't have to hop or work the bars hard. If I crash on it, I think it's game over. Hence I will reduce riding risks. I am hoping all works out and I can race a couple of races this winter. I used to go to spin classes several times a week, and rode my bike on rollers in the basement before I had my snow bikes in these Iowa winters. With this indoor trainer you can pick routes and race others on a screen, I am hoping to beat the mental challenge of indoor riding. I can ride 10 hours in snow, or heat, or rain, or anything outdoors, but one hour an indoor trainer, is a long, long time, I count minutes left to ride, and is mentally a challenge. I know a lot of people have suggested to watch TV, I want to ride harder then watching TV would allow. I need it that way, to feel good about the work out, and get me some of those endorphins.
I don't know, maybe it's just me, I just think the scenery is much better out here then in my basement with rafters and spider webs.
Well I gotta go, there are is a good UFC fighting cooking on TV.


Dan O said...

The indoor trainer, though torture, not a bad idea.

My setup is quite high tech: 1988 Supergo trainer in lovely white and bright green. 1991 Bridgestone RB-1 road bike strapped to it. First generation iPod that somehow still holds a charge, for some entertainment. My view is the cluttered garage.

I usually last one hour on the thing. I know people who train for hours indoors. Ouch. No thanks.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Indoor workouts suck but are necessary for us farmers. There are some days you just can't get out there.

mrbill said...

Glad to hear your cutting back your risks of shoulder injury. If you need a good video to train with I'll take one of myself, my backside on the bike and you can try and catch me, this may be the only way I could stay in front of you. Have a good one out there Dave.

Trevor said...

I have used an indoor trainer as a regular part of my winter training regime, for the past couple of years.

Same reason as yourself last crash back in 2009 was pretty major and I now try to reduce the risks over the winter period.

The most I can manage is one & a half hours at a time.


Bill G said...

I hear you on indoor training Dave but you have to keep the shoulder working so you can ride. Take it easy and enjoy the fall riding!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Out is so much better than in.