Saturday, November 19, 2011

Triple D, Amazing Grace, and "You Suck" award.

Best laid plans of Mice, and men, and Dave. I had maps in my back jersey pocket. I plotted a route from Google Satellite. A lot of hills on C clay hard roads, and grassy paths. First steep hill I shifted into my small gear of my 2X9 set up and I came to a fast halt. My small ring had fallen off the crank spider. YES!!!. The bolts must have been vibrating loose, I could find only one. So a change of plans, to keep from blowing out a knee I didn't want to hill climb in the Big Gear only.
Took the flat route, worked on keeping my heart rate up and finished out with 62 miles on Ms Lard'O my Fat-Tired bike.

I found a small cave awhile back. Today this became my very own "Man Cave" I think every man should have his very own "Man Cave" John Gray, thinks so too,  author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" A multi million dollar seller. I didn't think his book was as great as a lot of people did, I  thought he kept pounding the same theme, but I digress, now back to my "Man Cave" Here I am at the entrance of my man cave, and next picture I am in my Man Cave.

So being I was in my Man Cave, I thought manly thoughts. I thought of all the manly jobs I have in my household

Manly Job #1. It is my job to roll up the toothpaste roll as it is emptied. No one else does this. It is my responsibility. I make life a lot easier for the tooth paste users.

Manly Job #2. Those little small almost used up bars of soap in the shower. Yeap, you guessed it. It is my job to take care of them. I will squish them together and make a soap ball. I think I am then the only one using that ball of soap, while others opt to use the easier newly opened bar of soap.

Manly Job #3. I can't think of any more, but #1 and #2 are quite enough.

Triple D a snow race, of bike, ski, and run sorta made it's official announcement less then 24 hours ago and has all ready 38 participants on Face Book committed to competing. I will be one of those for the 64 mile bike race. Andddddddddddddddddddd. My daughter, Melissa, is in for the 26 mile foot race.
She started running in 2010, serious training just this year, and so far has competed in 2 full marathons, a 20 miler, 4 1/2 marathons, 1 10k and 4 5Ks. Now some say to me, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Well perhaps she inherited my insatiable desire for endorphins, but my contribution stops there. It was all Melissa's hard work, and it is not like she has nothing else to do, she's also a wife, mother and a more then full time employed Chemical Engineer. She's an endurance athlete just being discovered. Shout out to you Melissa, you give me encouragement.

OK, it is time for my new feature. The "You Suck Award" Now I am not saying this makes me any better then any of the winners of this award. In fact, I will be one of the up and coming winners. But not today. Today's winner is Mr John Newton.
Most people know John, from his well known song he wrote, "Amazing Grace" For many this is a spiritual awakening song. Now John wrote this song  when he was scared out his mind, aboard a sailing ship when a ship sinking storm blew up. That I can understand, I've heard there are not to many atheists in fox holes once the bullets start flying. So John, you wrote and sang "Amazing Grace" that night the big storm almost sunk your ship at sea. Your slave ship. You wanted YOUR God to save YOU. OK after this conversion you had, WHY did you continue to work on slave ships. Here is what Wiki had to say about the conditions of slave ships. "In order to achieve profit, the owners of the ships divided their hulls into holds with little headroom, so they could transport as many slaves as possible. Unhygienic conditions, dehydration, dysentery and scurvy led to a high mortality rate, on average 15%[4] and up to a third of captives."

John what did you think when you removed the corpses from the barely living? When you pulled children from their mothers. When you sent men to the auction block to live a life of slavery. Was the money worth it? John I guess your God was only interested in saving you. John, You Suck.

OK, my bike is repaired, I still have the maps I made for today and didn't use, and tomorrow is another day YaHooo!!
Well glad you stopped by,


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

We make the ride work no matter what happens.

tainterturtles said...

Such a motivated man...where do you get all your energy?

Now that's a real man cave for sure!

Love the pic of Melissa and her little boy (Cole ?). Cole certainly looks like his daddy and grandpa Russ!!!

Craig said...

Getting your mechanicals out of the way before Triple D this year? ;-)

I kid... I kid...

MrDaveyGie said...

LoL @Craig, I thought of that, this would be the 2nd on the Fat Tire bike in a week, that would not be repairable on Triple D. I would not want to be climbing those first set of hils without that gear. The other one, I had a flat, then a side wall blow out, then my pump would not work.

Dan O said...

On the "You Suck" award - I had no idea of the history of that song.

Certainly a shameful time for the U.S. and the human race during that era...

Paul S, UK said...

John Newton wrote Amazing Grace long after working on slave ships. If you read up on his life you will learn that though his life was saved when he cried out to God in the storm he did not consider that the time of his becoming a believer.
In later years Newton was instrumental together with Wilberforce others in bringing slavery to an end in Britain. Looking back on his life Newton saw himself as a wretch saved by grace.