Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Riding Bikes

Today makes day 4 of riding since coming back from a 11 day hiatus after catching a plague or something. Legs feels whooped but good. Pushed the pace for a lot of that riding. I've been working on something I read in Mr. Bill's blog, he mentioned about following through on a hill. My pavement route is all hills. I now try to carry all the way through and over the crest without breaking pace. It takes dicipline because the quads are lactating out, and begging to catch up on O2 at that point.

Been busy, lifting weights, working on son's car, visiting my papa, yard work, my real job, taking time to stretch seriously now and it's helping, and more stuff. I like busy, is how I thrive the best.
Met another bike rider about my age tonight. I saw him up ahead and began the 'push' We went from 16 mph to 18, to 20, to 22. The wind was against us and I was trying to stay as aerodynamically tucked the best I could. Finally I caught up and we rode onto my neighborhood, introduced and parted. I looked him up on FaceBook and saw we had 7 mutual biker friends. So I sent him a friend request.
Will make myself stay off the bike tomorrow, and take off work Thursday, for a all day gravel ride. YAHOOO!!!! 

Here's a shout out to Tom. Tom took one helluva whoop when a young rider turned in front of him over a week ago. Tom is tough, is hurting like all get out ,and is very slowly getting back on the bike. I admire in Tom's post of the wreck he never said one negative comment about the rider turning in front of  lane. He helped the young'n out got his bike back in order, and went home to the pain cave.


Rode up to papa's and found him out back watering all of mom's stuff, mama would like that. That big maple on the left my brother planted a long time ago.

Gotta git, get to bed, and start er all over again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping.


PaddyAnne said...

I think that Frankenstein thing (in the photo of the picnic table) would look great on your bike. You could have it in front and the doll on the back.

tainterturtles said...

Ditto on Tom (Harry Legge's)! I sure admire his gusto.....

Glad you are back on the road again.

Bill G said...

Are you related to Willie Nelson - on the road again????

You need to pen one - on the gravel again!!

Keep at it and here are some prayers for Tom's recovery and that mom is smiling down at dad from above while he waters the plants!

Steph said...

Good to see yer back on the road :)

dawn marie giegerich said...

So, THAT'S what's on the table, gotta wonder about Frankie, no doubt an interesting story. Ms. Cat donated the hostas, godblessher.