Monday, February 8, 2010

"THE RACE" or Walter Mitty wake up.

...I didn't want to let up. I had put to much into this. I could see the leaders at every long straight away then they would disappear around the corner. I was slowly gaining, shortening the gap. There was three of them. There was around 140 behind me, I paid the price to be here. The pace was harder, my heart rate higher, the pain more intense, then anything I have ever done. I was determined to catch them. This was going to be a showdown, this is Leadville 100. Lance this is my race, not yours, I earned it. Get out of my way.
The next thing I hear is "dad are you going to cook anything for supper, or tell me where you hid the George Foreman grill at." I was on my bike rollers, 40 minutes into a planned 45 minute, high heart rate run.

So I say, "Caleb I got 5 minutes left, hold on, and wait, the GF grill is to hard to clean, I'll cook burgers."

Tomorrow the "tour" and I can win it.


tainterturtles said...

Thanks for the chuckle are a funny man Mr. D!

Lynne said...

LOL! And by the way-yes, GF grills totally suck. And yet, every man, woman and child has purchased one at one point or another, right?