Monday, February 1, 2010

Iowa's two bicycling seasons

I've noticed after becoming a year round biker that Northeastern Iowa and many other places on this planet have just two biking seasons each year. There is the season of "sprummerfall" This is the longer season of the two. It lasts from mid march to mid November typically. Preparation for biking during this season is usually pretty simple, the few choices to make are if you need a light jacket, leg warmers, light gloves, or just shorts, socks and jersey. Easy stuff. Bike tires are not a challenge. It's easy to just hop on bike and ride, days have enough light in them that I can ride on any work day. Weekend rides I can ride anywhere, basically any road, or trail.
Now the other season is WINTER!!!!. Frigid, dark, icy, deep snow, cold. Dressing to ride in this season needs to be exact, multi layered, specialized, planned, and developed. Tires are specialized from the Endomorph 3.7" tire to Nokian 336 carbide studs per tire. I have got piles and piles of winter biking gear including lighting systems, chemical warmers, special shoes, socks, jackets, bottle insulators etc.
I do admit, that right now I am starting to get a hankering for sprummerfall again. I've rode a lot of snow and ice this winter and enjoyed every facet of it. However the thought of being a "roadie" or cycle cross'n again is becoming appealing.
But, I know again that towards the end of every sprummerfall, I will look forward to winter riding again. The shear beauty of it, the challenge, the survival tactics, and everything else that goes along with that style of riding. Learning to ride the season of winter keeps my bike legs and butt ready to ride, no break in period required again. It also seems there is a connectivity with those that choose to ride with this season. I blog along with many of you winter nutters.
So winter ride I will do, and probably do until I can't do it anymore.
Thanks for stopping in, be safe, and ride.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

We are akin.

tainterturtles said...

I liked your post today. I especially liked the photo of bare arms!!!

Could that be a teaser for summer rides?

Dan O said...

You make us look like wimps here in the Seattle area.

It gets wet here in the winter, but doesn't drop below freezing often.

Keep on riding....

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Schnitzzzz, that is cold looking. I have yet to cycle in winter, xcountry skiing, snowshoeing and running are as far as I've gone, BUT, you might convert me yet. I just get crazier as I get older!!

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Nutter? I resemble that comment.

Days are getting longer Dave, not long now until the mud begins to flow...