Sunday, March 3, 2013


Seems I always marked the coming of March 1st as the end of winter. I know we get snow storms and often get below zero in March but the the 'muscle' of winter is gone. Snow storms may come but go fast, the days are longer and getting warmer.

The weather forecast for this Monday and Tuesday March 5th and 6th is this.
"A storm system is expected to track into the Midwest and slow down, producing a prolonged snow event with periods of moderate to heavy snowfall. 8 to 12 inches or possibly more can be expected, with the exact locations of the heaviest snow to be determined"

This weekend I rode a metric 62 miler on trails that Snow Mobile inhabit and own in the winter on Saturday. Rode myself into exhaustion fat tires on a fat bike on snow zapped my legs, and I was loving it.

Rolling out the front door and thinking I should shovel my sidewalks when I return.

I found the path out of town virgin, and I got to make "first tracks."

Went out and explored gravel roads on Sunday. The snow was mostly gone out on open gravel and found myself weaving in and out of ice patches. 40 miles of gravel and back home.

As much as I enjoy the winter riding I am ready for spring and summer rides. Bring it.

Sent my registration in to race 2013 Dairy Roubaix 4/20/13. A gravel race of 100 miles. At 60 years of age the race has become a ride and my plans are to hook up with who is riding my pace and enjoy. I will take my Cycle Cross bike that I have been working on, going toobless and trying a few things.

meanwhile meet my new friends..nyuk, nyuk nyuk.

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dawn marie giegerich said...

Do you remember cousin Theodore coming to our house to watch The Three Stooges because his parents would not let him?